Being Successful as an Online Student

A key thing to remember is that to be successful as any student is to be organized. Have a calendar and schedule time blocks and give yourself room for error. Life doesn’t always happen the way we want and we should plan for that. If I know a project will take me 2 hours to complete I will plan 3 hours to complete it. I find this to be super helpful, so if I finish it without interruptions I have extra time, but if something came up that did not permit me to finish it on my timeline I know I still have a small window, sometimes large window, to finish it on the instructors time line.

I have been always been an organized person, especially in my studies. I love to have time lines, my time management skills are super important to me. I enjoy sitting down and plotting out how and when I will complete certain tasks and how long it will take me. I recommend setting aside a day of the week (I use Sunday) to plan out school assignments for that week. I add all my MAJOR deadlines  in at the beginning of the semester so I see them before I plan something over them.

When I started this program I already had my Master’s planned out to how many credits I will take a semester, what I will need to have saved to pay for it (in the case I do not get any scholarships) what classes I plan on taking, as long as they do not change the scheduling that is already posted and when my projected graduation date is. I love having this mapped out for me it gives me a sense of not only control but of relief knowing I have a plan.

As a student you will collaborate with others; it is important that you are open about your ideas and your concerns.
I loved what Ken Haycock expressed on conflicts and confronting issues, Don’t talk about an issue you won’t put on the table to respectfully go over. To me that is like asking a question you don’t want an answer to.

I don’t mind working in teams but I also love working on my own, its easier. However, if you have a successful team you can achieve tasks much greater in a shorter amount of time as a team and like I said before I love managing my time and know where it is being spent and on what, so effective teams win my heart over individual work.

As Enid Irwin said, “Team work IS planning and communication and a process.”
I loath pointless meetings, if we are going to get our team together in one spot and one time we need to be productive of the time use. Having a meeting is teamwork, bring something to the table every time, don’t come empty handed or that is how you will leave.


How’s your Time Management?

silver stop watch clock with the image of a business man running

Being an online student means you MUST learn to manage your time effectively. As an online student you aren’t confined to attending a physical location for a set day and time and that’s fantastic (for most). It is also the gateway to true procrastination. Unless it is physically in our face humiliating us for showing up late to a lecture it’s easy to ignore.

Vicki Steiner, Libr203 professor, shared a fantastic link to a Time Management Toolkit, from MindTools, which includes a Time Management Quiz.

Take the quiz, see how you are doing.  

Getting sponsored to attend a professional conference

Attending a professional conferences is something all Library students should work towards. Sometimes the conferences can cost a hefty price, fortunately as students you get huge discounts on memberships and with memberships you get discounts on conferences. Did you know that SJSU SLIS pays for your choice of the following professional associations (ALA, SLA, ASIST, ARMA international) Read about it here

Also,  plenty of counties, companies & professional associations love to sponsor some lucky individual (often a student) to attend these conferences. 

The San Diego Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA-SD) is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for its 2014 scholarship. The scholarship is $1000 plus a one-year student membership in SLA-SD. (APPPLY HERE)