Collaboration work a barrier

Wikis, blogs, IM chats, and cloud drives, all types of collaboration tools. When I think about implementing¬† new tool first thing that comes to mind (after my “OMG this is going to make things so much easier”) is what old crab is not going to use this? We all work with them – don’t deny it.

This is a collaboration barrier, and not the only one. Other barriers include:

  • Conflict between department schedules, budgets, goals, and interest
  • Learning to balance the roles between the “hired role” and the “collaboration role”
  • Giving the collaboration value- “what will I get out of it?”

How do you solve the barriers? A couple of suggestions pulled from, Hutch Carpenters post “Enterprise 2.0: Culture Is As Culture Does” and Morten T. Hansen’s “When Internal Collaboration is Bad for Your Company” .

1. Eliminate the option to use something different (Carpenter, 2009).
 Carpenter recommends when implementing a new collaboration tool to eliminate the option to use something different. If you want to start using IM chats, instead of responding to emails send them a message via chat and no other way.

2. When introducing the software or change provide a sense of the future with the change. Show them what it will be like if they make the change.

3. Create incentives. It is difficult to change or desire to change and put in extra effort to use something new unless their is an acceptable answer to “what do I get out of it”. Hansen encourages determining the rate of return before jumping in. Is it going to be worth it both financially and efficiently.

For every barrier there is a solution.



Being an Online Student and being successfull

As an assignment for my LIBR 203 class I am taking right now we read and listened to a great deal of material, wonderful material on being successful as an online student.

A key thing to remember is that to be successful as any student is to be organized. Have a calendar and schedule times for when you want to have projects done as well as when they need to be done. I find this to be super helpful, so if I finish it when I want to finish it I finished early, but if something came up that did not permit me to finish it on my timeline I know I still have a small window, sometimes large window, to finish it on the instructors time line.

I have been always been an organized person, especially in my studies. I love to have time lines, my time management skills are super important to me. I enjoy sitting down and plotting out how and when I will complete certain tasks and how long it will take me.

Laugh at me but I already have my Master’s planned out to how many credits I will take a semester, what I will need to have saved to pay for it (in the case I do not get any scholarships) what classes I plan on taking, as long as they do not change the scheduling that is already posted and when my projected graduation date is. I love having this mapped out for me it gives me a sense of not only control but of relief knowing I have a plan.

I loved what Ken Haycock expressed on conflicts and confronting issues, Don’t talk about an issue you won’t put on the table to respectfully go over. To me that is like asking a question you don’t want an answer to.

I big into teams but I also love working on my own, its easier. However, if you have a successful team you can achieve tasks much greater in a shorter amount of time as a team and like I said before I love managing my time and know where it is being spent and on what, so effective teams win my heart over individual work.

As Enid Irwin said, “Team work IS planning and communication and a process.”
I loath pointless meetings, if we are going to get our team together in one spot and one time we need to be productive of the time use. Having a meeting is teamwork, bring something to the table every time, don’t come empty handed or that is how you will leave.

I loved these presentations on Teamwork and how to make it successful, I will definitely not only use these in school work but also in my own career work and help my team be more successful.

I am so pumped after reading these two presentations (I DL the PowerPoint so I read them)