The title? What we make of it.

While talking about my position and VERY jokingly saying I’m the hot-shot. What I say goes cause I’m kind of a big deal. It was followed up with ‘What is your title?’ The initial thought process was, my title doesn’t really matter really, but actually it does. What we do shouldn’t be dependent on our title but our title should be dependent on what we do.

Titles should be meaningful. Tell the reader what they are about to get right? Do they work the same way in the professional world? I think that was the intention but it really isn’t so and it really is much more than a precursor to what you’re getting into.

More often I hear ‘Your title doesn’t mean anything’ and I disagree, it means something even if it doesn’t amount to much in relation to everything you do and it is up to us to put the meaning behind it. I’m beginning to think that those who say ‘titles don’t mean anything’ believe that their job does not emulate their job title. Many times we have ‘other tasks as assigned’ that can convolute the initial focus of the position. This happens, especially when things get shrunk and other things get stretched thin. I think you know what things I’m talking about.

Mind you, this isn’t always a bad thing. Depending on how you look at it of course. It can be a really great opportunity to hone and expand your skill set. What we do with our skills helps bring meaning to our titles.

My official title: Technical Services and Systems Librarian. Someone looking for help on the library system or technicality help in records would come to me. I know this stuff and I can help them. See my title means something. A title should not however limit you. As with writing a title should introduce an overview of a story and help guide the reader to what they need. If we keep this in mind while we create our jobs our titles will be more worthwhile.

This all stemmed from the desire and need to blog but I couldn’t come up with a blog title.


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