Introduction to my ePortfolio

Contained in this area of my blog includes my final project for my Masters in Library and Information Science from the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at San José State University. This project is referred to as an ePortfolio.  The ePortfolio is an electronic presentation of my course work and professional work as they relate to demonstrating understanding and mastery of the core competencies of the program.

The compilation of work showcases the discussion and collection of evidence I have selected to demonstrate and display my knowledge, skills and abilities over the course of my educational career at SLIS. This ePortfolio serves as evidence of what I have learned, accomplished and can accomplish.

I began working on the organization of my course work in the Fall of 2011 where I created folders for each competency and would save copies of course work that was applicable to the corresponding competency folder. This was an instrumental task when it came to my final preparation for creating the ePortfolio. I then spent some time before the start of the Fall 2013 semester rehashing through the course work where I went through each piece of work that was in the competency folders and removed any work that I felt was a “just in case” piece of evidence. Taking this extra step turned out to be a huge relief because I was able to go through each folder and see which competencies I was strong in and which ones I was not. It also allowed me to start writing immediately because I had the evidence selected and organized already.

Having my evidence broken down into competencies allowed me time to trial the multiple options of building my ePortfolio well before I had to start the official process. I built sample ePortfolios in Google Sites, D2L, Weebly and WordPress. In the end I chose to showcase my ePortfolio on my WordPress blog for the following reasons:

  1. Ability to password protect each post
  2. The blog was also used to compile my professional work from:
    1. Virtual Internship
    2. Web Design courses
    3. Peer Mentoring course
    4. Easily exported and imported to other areas and servers
    5. Well known platform that has stability in its existence

This ePortfolio is structured in the following manner and showed be showcased as such: Introduction, Statement of Philosophy, Core Competencies, Conclusion and Affirmation Statement. Each section is organized in the general format including an introduction paragraph, body & evidence, concluding paragraph and references (if any).

The core competencies are presented in a format that was requested by my advisor as well as the manner in which I feel best showcases my understanding and mastery of the competency. Each competency post begins with a verbatim correlating statement from the SLIS webpage of Core Competencies ( of what the competency is about, followed then by a statement produced by me of my understanding of the competency and supported by published material if needed, followed then by the presentation of my evidence and how each piece applies to the competency and ending with a concluding paragraph and references.

The process of creating this project has been an invaluable reflection of what I have accomplished over the past two years through both my educational work as well as my related professional work. It has been a review of my abilities and what I am capable of doing in this field.

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