Social Media and transparent customer service

As I have worked with SCCLD on their social media endeavors I have noticed that it is the gateway to transparent customer service. I was discussing with a group of individuals that to get the ‘attention’ of companies the best way is to give them a shout out on their social media account. 

So often when we call into companies and give a ‘complaint’ this complaint is really only between you and whichever employee you speak with. Unless you tell multiple ‘friends’ of this complaint no one else will really know. The thing about social media is that most, if not all, organizations/businesses make their social media profiles public. Anyone can view whats on them and anyone can post on their pages/accounts. This creates a transparency for the company and forces them to respond to what most people want responses to, complaints. 

Just like in businesses such as Verizon, public/non-profit organizations have this transparency in their customer service. It is important that we DO NOT censor these posts/comments because someone will see the post and then see that it gets deleted, this forces business/organizations to respond to these complaints. 

It was in this conversation that I realized social media is the step to transparent customer service. 


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