A Facebook campaign?

Currently we are |this| close to hitting 1000 ‘likes’ on our Facebook page. The likes still come in during the week but on an average of about 3 per week. At this rate we will be into the new year before we hit 1K; that isn’t our [SCCL’s] idea of ending on a bang, more like a pfft (think poorly executed whoopee cushion prank).

What are we going to do? We are going to campaign for your likes, but how? That’s my job. I get to figure that out and I have NO IDEA how to develop a campaign on Facebook. Fortunately, we have the interwebs to help. Yes I did it, I googled “creating a Facebook campaign”, you can do it too I won’t judge.  I came across an article in Social Media Today: How to Create a Perfect Facebook Ad Campaign, author: Mitz Pantic. This article is nicely written but please keep in mind that it is a general guide (10 tips) and some of it isn’t 100% applicable to libraries.

So here is my plan, execution will come later.

Decide on our audience. We know geographical location (mostly) but now I need to decide on what other factors will make up our audience. Gender? Interest? Education? Marital Status? Spoken language?…

Discuss an image. Our campaign logo. Do we create one or do we use the Library’s logo? This image will represent us, when people see it we want them to think “Oh SCCLD, they are awesome.” [or something of that sort]

Creating your ad. Pantic recommends 5-10 ads to rotate, seems high but I’m new so that could just be naivety on my part. Creating the ad is the MOST important part because its what you will be ‘saying’ to those who see it. What message are you going to convey?

Do we offer an incentive for clicking on our ad? I don’t think this is something we can offer or should offer. We can promote a service but that’s about it… **mental note: address this later**

Find out when your audience interacts with your posts, this will help gauge the right time for your ads to ‘circulate’ around Facebook. If your audience is predominantly on Facebook around 1pm, don’t have your ads circulate at 8am. Capeesh?

Do we want Pay by Clicks or Cost Per Impression [WHAT???…will look into this later]

Audience. Image. Brand. Why.

So there you go, that’s my plan and I am sticking to it.

If you want to help us reach our 1K sooner than please like our page on Facebook

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2 thoughts on “A Facebook campaign?

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  2. How about humor? People really appreciate it and we’ve gotten up over 2,000 likes recently just hanging some fun with it! 😉

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