Policy Breach


What do you do when your social media policy is breached? For example, what do you do when an audience member posts on your social media (tagging you or in response to something you said) that involves vulgar language, or reveals confidential information?

Do you delete it? What about censorship. Do you edit it? What about censorship. Do you leave it? What does that say about your brand.

This is a whole new territory for me and I’ve just recently encountered it. The policy was to remove the comment. I wondered, do you give reason why? Do you remove it or do you hide it from your population except for the person who posted it & their friends (This is an option on Facebook).

Ross Betzer wrote a post on a debate that accepted the claim that ALA’s should be adjusted to match the self-censorship practiced by most libraries.

As I began looking at what the “reasonable” response was to this concern, I found that many policies I looked at included statements about what the policy is but do not include information on how it should be handled if the policy were breached. ALA’s Code of Ethics, does the same thing, there isn’t a guide to response.

We are information professionals, we stand firmly behind equal dissemination of information and against censorship. When the line is crossed, how do we respond?

How would you respond. Would you find deleting a comment going against what you “live by” as an information professional?

In the end, I believe the comment was removed in its entirety however, is this the right decision? If not, how can we improve it?

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