Two posts?

One of our main goals at SCCL is to increase our likes on the SCCL page.

We have begun to incorporate multiple postings a day as well as bringing in more people to post to the page.

I think we could designate certain days with certain topics (Techy Tuesdays, Funny Friday, Movie Monday, etc) and this would keep a consistency with the posts as well as provide guidance for those posting when they have run out of creative juices. I have created a Google Doc that has been named “Facebook Magic Jar”. With posting 10-12 times a week for 52 weeks a year you can run out of things you want to say or you may feel that you aren’t being as creative. This Google Doc will serve as our creativity jar, not sure what to post? Check out the ideas and select one from the list.

Last week I posted a funny image/meme that has over 30 likes, and reached over 700 people. This was big because most posts were reaching only 30-60 people.

I talked with my supervisor and we concluded to one major thing, our audience likes humor. This is something that didn’t really exist in past posts so we were able to learn something about our audience by taking a risk, albeit even a small risk. Our likes have grown 107%, 29 new likes in the past week.

It is important to know the audience you are reaching. Do they want book reviews? Would they rather know of upcoming events in the library? Do they like memes? These are all very important questions to ask.

Until next time…..


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