David Lee King and Facebook

I recently watched a webinar put on by ALATechsource and David Lee King, from davidleeking.com, titled Facebook in the Library: Enhancing Services and Engaging Users, you can view or DL his slides on SlideShare: Facebook in the Library

While thinking greatly about how SCCL can up their followers and after I analyzed their posting habits, what posts reached the most audience, etc. I noticed that they were averaging less than 1 post per day. King recommends posting a minimum of 3-4 times a day and to include real stuff and fun stuff. The philosophy behind including both, besides the fact that we like to see fun stuff too, is followers will like the fun stuff as you post it (and maybe the real stuff to…) and Facebook will read that this person likes to see stuff from the library and will like things more. These likes will show up on their feeds and thus in turn sharing SCCL posts to their friends and allowing for others to like the posts. Once I understood this logic, it only makes more sense to become more engaged in your social media platforms because it is like a chain reaction and the amount of people you can reach is astounding, especially if you do it right.

Goals for SCCL:

  • 3-5 posts a day
  • 60% fun posts, 40% real posts
  • Ask engaging questions
  • Publicize your Facebook page!

One thought on “David Lee King and Facebook

  1. Terrific post with information others can use. It is actually one of the very few posts I liked for Facebook, and I sent your goals along to two individuals I’m working with on an association’s communications committee to reinforce my recommendation that they not only decide on social media but assign responsibility. There is much more to maintaining a successful social media presence than launching the site.

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