First week – What I’ve done, where I’m going?

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My first week working with the Santa Clara County Public Library (SCCL) has concluded and I am very excited.
I get to do 2 things I really enjoy: research & social media.

I started out the week writing my staff bio for my supervisor to share with her staff. I am getting better at introducing myself, especially after 8 classes of posting introductions.

I contacted the New York Public Library this week as I researched statistical aggregators for social media. As a leading library in the effective use of social media I thought finding out what they use will help set me down the right track. I hit that nail right on the head. NYPL was very helpful and listed the applications they used for certain social media applications, like HootSuite for Twitter and Facebook Analytics. I had partly hoped that someone somewhere might have developed an all-i-one (AIO) statistical software and that NYPL new that great secret. In a way they did, HootSuite premium account ($8.99/mo) looks like it offers this tool for multiple platforms. More research will be underway.

I ate a fortune cookie today and it beheld great wisdom: “You will be successful through innovation and determination”

So now where do I go with this information? I work on a proposal and I recommend a software. That’s the first step and then I think, I innovate and I stay determined.

Up Next:
Connecting and creating a personal aspect with a Library Facebook page. How can we do it and why should we do it?


One thought on “First week – What I’ve done, where I’m going?

  1. That fortune cookie message is perfect for this internship. Our SIS students can be innovative–you all learn about the latest technology and applications, and you “live” using it. It’s understandable that you would consider better ways of doing things (like the answer you were hoping for). The next step–determination is what you need to succeed. Good ideas without the will to make them happen won’t go anywhere. I am glad you are enjoying your virtual internship so much.

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