Social Media…are you in it?

I have the following Social Media tools
Twitter: @nimblelibrarian
Facebook: Whitni Watkins
LinkedIn: Whitni Watkins
FourSquare: Whitni Watkins

I enjoy using these tools and I am working on developing my own brand. (more on that somewhere else)
My Facebook I use for personal use, but I make sure that what I post there is still professional. AKA I don’t want to post something that has potential to get me in trouble with an employer.

My linked in account is primarily for professional use. I have recommendations from past employers, my resume fully posted and I update it often. I continue to make connections with potential colleagues, or employers I would be interested in working for. I also join groups that are of my professional interest.

LinkedIn was slightly confusing at first but now that I have used it more frequently I have recognized its potential. The biggest thing about LinkedIn is that it is a professional aimed social tool, meaning what you put up is more at stake employment wise than anything else, so this requires more detailed attention than Facebook.

I think today yes Librarians should have social media pages, like Linked In.This social media tool is perfect for enhancing your involvement in the professional world but also a great way for potential employers to scope you out. As I type this I realize that my interviewers from yesterday can be checking out my page right now, if they haven’t already.

A Librarian should have a linked in page if for nothing else but you have a place where you can be fully represented professionally. As Mary Ellen Bates concluded in her article Revisiting LinkedIn from Online Magazine, “Even if you choose to set your privacy settings to stun and never share an update, LinkedIn is a useful resource for info pros.” (Bates, 2012, p64)

I don’t think a LinkedIn page for Libraries is essential but they can use the groups option to increase their awareness as their librarians add them into their profile pages. LinkedIn is a tool that can be used for libraries, but are their other tools that will provide better attention for the library? Yes. Facebook is an ideal place for school libraries and public libraries to create a presence. Their main audience (pre-teens, teenagers, young adults) are using Facebook not LinkedIn. 


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