To blog or not to blog……is it a question?

What makes a blog effective? 

If a blog has a mission statement, meaning there is an agreed upon and laid out plan for the blog it can been very effective. Often blogs are created just to be created sometimes for a course that is being taken here, Libr203 for example. Many of us have created a blog for a class assignment in Libr203 and it sits there stagnant or as Crawford says, “rots in peace” (2009, p2). I laugh at this because some have posted that their current blogs they are using for this course (Libr246) are blogs they created in Libr203 and never used or deleted. When we created the blog it was simply to be created and fulfill the assignment, it did not have a true mission and thus it died, figuratively, and Libr246 resurrected it, most likely for it to die again. (This is sounding like a video game.)

Using a blog in a library can become a way to communicate library information. I know of some academic libraries that use their blog to announce new displays, to answer FAQs or to provide updated hours due to holidays, breaks, etc. Blogs are available through a simple RSS feed, meaning it can be easily accessed by the patrons without having to navigate the website. This is very helpful and time saving.

I feel strongly, just as Crawford does, to be successful you need to have a plan and you need to stick with it. You can adapt it over time, just as a mission statement may change, as your focus evolves but it is a necessity to have effective use for Blogs.

You want to be successful in your blogging? Follow these tips (found at Top Ten Tips for Successful Blogs):
-Have a plan (it can be flexible.)
-Be consistent
-Be diverse in your publications
-Be courteous (link to your references, cite other blogs, follow & comment on other blogs, comment on readers comments)
-Be you.


Crawford, W. (2009). Shiny toys or useful tools. Cites & Insights, 9(3), 1-9. Retrieved from: 



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