H&M: Fashion and Quality at the Best Price

I can’t think of a catchy phrase for this post so I’m going to dive right in. I follow H&M on Twitter @hmusa, I liked them on Facebook (H&M), I have their app on the iPhone and I’m on their email list…..you could say at the least I know what H&M offers. They are truly the only store I follow on every media aspect they offer. Using each of the media tools provides me with what I like most, coupons to save me some dough. I love me a good $5 off purchase of $15 especially if I shop there already.

H&M posts continually about upcoming products, new clothing lines, coupons, and more on both Twitter and Facebook. Something I learned this past week about using social media is allowing honesty on your pages. Let you users express how they really feel about your stuff, good and bad. As I browse H&M’s Facebook page you get both.
I have blurred out images and names for privacy as I did not ask to use their comments.

H&M also responds to their fans on Twitter (also on Facebook) – quite effectively.

Their fans are acknowledging them and H&M is recognizing them. I think H&M is doing a great job in responding to their fans with social media. The cases shown above are not rare, H&M responds frequently. What I did notice is they respond just enough to make it a special instance when they to directly respond to users.

Due to the types of comments towards H&M, I can confidently say that H&M has developed a relationship with their customers that helps them feel that they can actively express their opinions (good and bad). They have thousands of follows and FB posts have thousands of likes and 40+ comments. I would confidently say communication is happening.

Twitter feed: @hmusa
Facebook: H&M
App (iphone & android): H&M
Website: www.hm.com



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