Follow your heart or Follow your mind?

When it comes to creating your brand over the internet it is really important to know what you want to portray.

No body is perfect, don’t we all know that, and its bound to happen the negative comment or comments if you really pissed someone off. How do you react? Do you scream and yell back, you know with you CAPS LOCK on and a million !s or do you direct them to a more positive experience?

Okay, lets me real the answer is obvious, unless your branding is be a total jerk and get angry at anyone who does not agree with you and let the world know how upset you are, you are going to want to help them change their mind.

A great story about Comcast resembles the right answer, but of course not the only answer :-). In 2008, a large icon in the tech world, Michael Arrington owner of blog TechCrunch, was upset with his ISP (internet service provider) and began complaining on his twitter feed (12K followers) about the poor service and publicized who his ISP was, Comcast. Within minutes of complaining an executive of Comcast called to see what he could do to help. (Read full story here)

You do not fight fire with fire, negative comments will make their headway much quicker than the typical “the service was good” or “they had just what I needed”. We thrive on drama, Real Housewives anyone???

The first thing an organization should do when they receive negative comments is acknowledge it. Aaron Tay, of Musings about Librarianship, posts tweets his library receives and how the library acted. It is important to act, and act immediately. Do what you can to retain a positive relationship with the user behind the complaint.

Enough rants from me. Get on it and ACT!


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