InWorldz and Beyond…..

Sometimes when reality is a struggle it is nice to have a virtual world to turn to and escape those not so friendly realities like per se the love of your life falling for the completely wrong person (remember this is Simon) or I don’t become undead. I took a trip to InWorldz, where I traveled the world and met new people and gazed into the stars, finding myself with no desire to return except to take Clary on a date to these wonderful places. (Virtually obviously, but wouldn’t it be great to do it in reality as well. I’ll keep dreaming)

First stop was “Tskuki Mura — Edo Period Japan build”. It was WONDERFUL!

Here is me (yes I know….you don’t have to tell me I am girl, its a new world)

Infront of the Japanes TreesThis place was so peaceful and beautiful. I loved the trees the most. There was a “museum” in which I browsed around and contemplated the pieces of art. There wasn’t a soul in this region so it was very serene unlike the Home center where everyone chats away, unless you get far enough away or must everything and I feel that’s like plugging your ears around people in RL.

Here are some snapshots of the artwork.

Here I am having some tea and admiring a painting.

One really neat feature about this region is they give you a notecard at the welcome center that has some common basic Japanese on it and they give you (for Free) time period clothing.

Here I am admiring the lit up trees and warm fire in the courtyard from the balcony. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will return there again to sit and ponder and enjoy the quiet it brings.

My next stop was Gulliver Travels. This area wasn’t nearly as serene, it contained all sorts of animals, Elephants, Bears, Giraffes, fish, and a few others.It was a little slow so I didn’t stay long, there were ALOT of items that needed to load and I’m afraid my computer was being bogged down so I moved very glitchy.

I tried to sit on a Giraffe but instead it just put my through its stomach, I don’t think it was allowed so I instead stood next to it and took a picture.

If you look into the back ground you can see there is another one, there was a couple of them roaming and grazing. The greenery was splendid to look at those, such beautiful flowers.

Here is another picture, in my opinion it gives a better view of the region. You can see some Elephants in the background of this photo and some of the architecture that inhabited the area. I did come across Gulliver, of course tied to the ground, but I didn’t think to take a picture until now, which would have been very lovely for the blog. Better luck next time.

I then went to the Alizarine Lakes and went through the maze, it took me two tries! The water fountains here are neat and if you get close enough you can hear the sounds of the water hitting the pools.

My final stop was the IDI Island to buy some more clothing, after the traveling I found it over whelming to have so many people talking at once, being very friendly none the less but it was a crowded place. So I took a seat and stared out into the ocean until I was ready to face the crowds and grab some free goodies.

Thanks for embracing my travel into InWorldz, stop by sometime and say Hello!



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