Using YouTube

For our multimedia project I chose to use the video hosting service YouTube. I chose YouTube for a couple of reasons; more can be read in The Pros and Cons of YouTube Video for Your Website by Grant Crowell.

  1. Free hosting – sometimes free is always better but in this case, for small videos professional and leisure, free is better.
  2. Ease of Use – uploading videos to YouTube is very simple, the difficult part is creating your video. After going through the work to create the video it can be frustrating when you want to share it on the largest video viewing site and you have another 30-45 minutes of figuring out how to upload your creation.
  3. Embedding feature – as Crowell states, “YouTube comes with multiple embedding options (including iFrame); you can customize the player dimensions for your Website, and specify whether the embedded video is SD or HD resolution. You can also embed YouTube playlists or entire channels.”

If you are using YouTube for  small business advertisement or school media or personal use it is definitely of great use however where there an up there is a down.  YouTube has a large amount of advertisement, most often unwanted. For other cons please read Grant Crowell’s article.

When you upload through YouTube make sure you know whether you want your video public or private; it is very easy to change later however once you upload it as public millions of viewers have access to it until you change it. YouTube allows you to log in with your Google account so you do not have to create yet another account on the World Wide Web with yet another log in and password you need to remember.


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