First lecture reading

Just finished reading my first Lecture for class, LIBR200 and I loved it! It was so fascinating.
It went over briefly the history of libraries.
First with Egypt/Summer and Greece/Rome in hopes to record their heritage, then in the middle ages and renaissance – mainly in churches and then with the printing press information and books because readily available to a large amount of people. Then the development of having an educated class libraries florished in Europe. Of course there is always a slow era but Libraries and changed so drastically from then till now.
Whats great to look at is each era of libraries was sparking by the desire or need of learning.
For now my blog posts will be dedicated mainly to school- so they may be short and sweet or they may be long and treacherous….hoperfully over time they will get better.
BTW did I mention how I am learning to LOVE onenote? I love it- its a big old E-notebook. No more spending $$$ on notebooks, dividers, paper, pencils, etc.

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