LIBR203 Assignment

I have 2 blogs already, one is private, which is why the second one (this one) is very limited on its content. When you go private on Blogger is takes you off the feed so your followers don’t see when you post a new blog. To close that gap I use this one to announce a new blog post. However it doesn’t work all that well because there are only 4 followers on this blog and 44 followers on the other blog.

I enjoy blogging and my best friend Emily got me into it, really it was birthday present for her for me to start blogging because I was, to say the least, ANTI.

But since I have started blogging I feel that my writing has become better, even though my blogs are not in a formal format it still helps.

That and its like a pretty and easy way to scrap book and keep a journal all in one.


One thought on “LIBR203 Assignment

  1. WOO! No being anti-blogging!

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