Blog Update

Well, I went private a couple of days early. I understand I said on the 1/17 but there are a few reasons why first is that I will not be around a computer to go private. We are going to the snow for the day and then I drive back to California because I have another job interview.

You would hope that after enough applications and job interviews someone just might hire me.
That would ROCK!

Another reason is well I just figured I would get it done. I apologize if you didn’t get your email in, I wonder if I can add you after wards.

We will see how it works, once again I need to remember I am writing this for me, not for you. No offense really, I started a blog and kept it because I like the idea that I can make this into a book that I can pass onto my family, when the time comes. So if that means no comments that is Ok because I know that someone will read it and make a verbal comment.

Love you all!


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