Brownie Fans

Are you a fan of brownies?
Do you know that they are for sure not healthy?
Doesn’t stop you does it!
Ok I have come upon the most odd recipe brownies.
you’ll need:
1 brownie mix
1 can black beans
1 cup water
chocolate chips
13X9 pan
Yes, I said a can of black beans. What you do.
Preheat the oven to what the BOX says
1. grab a bowl and pour the brownie mix into it
2. drain and rinse really well the can of black beans
3. pour black beans (after rinsing) into a blender or food processor
4. add 1 cup of water to beans
5. blend for a while (2 min) until smooth and NO chunks
6. add to brownie mix and stir
7. add some chocolate chips for fun (if you’d like)
8. pour into pan and put into oven and cook
They are delicious.
NO eggs, NO oil – high in protein. 🙂 Delicious!
We had them 2 nights ago.
I forgot to take pictures my apologies.

One thought on “Brownie Fans

  1. Oh my goodness! YES. I forgot about this recipe!!! I have had them before and am amazed at how normal they taste. My family thinks I'm gross. Well, news flash to them: I'm NOT gross!

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